The Company

Calaforno Agrobiological farm is specialized in processing and producing typical Sicilian organic products and it is located in Monterosso Almo, the heart of the generous, and sun drenched Val di Noto in Sicily, a land with a strong olive growing vocation.Calaforno Farm boasts a very long history that makes it unique. It is the history of an extraordinary fertile land, existing since the beginning of time as one of the main settlements for flint extraction of Mediterranean area. You can read its ancient wefts on the knotty trunk bark of its big secular olive trees, the heritage that the farm consciously preserves and safeguards, knowing that the strong and genuine values of the past are the nourishment for the present

Calaforno’s logo depicts an olive tree inside the flint, which are the two elements characterizing this extraordinary land and the company stubbornness and solidity. From what seems to be at first glance an open breach on the background, you can see a robust and vigorous olive tree, deeply clung to its land, unknotting its glowing branches to the sky. The nerves of the twisted trunk conjoin and branch off into a lush frond. Here we recall the story events of a land carefully grown and of a stable family, whose constant devotion to its job supports a thick crown ready to bear fruit. The strong values harmonize in a graceful heart shape, which explain without words the genuine care and feeling that have always tied the Calaforno Agrobiological Farm and its land together.

The Calaforno enterprise was established in the 70’s as an olives cultivation business, already existing and specialized since 1725 in the Calaforno feud. Although remaining faithful to the ancient olive growing tradition passed down through generations, the company is still trying to constantly innovate and improve the working and processing techniques in order to offer high quality organic products on respect for the native-born land biodiversity and for the natural circles.

"The land’s worth what the man is worth"